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Strict Cousin

Strict Cousin is the story of two young ladies who were spanked by Cousin Alicia when they were growing up. She was their older cousin who was strict and strong. Now that they are staying with her again, the two grown brunette beauties are informed that they will now be punished in an even more intense manner. If the girls get out of line - a barebottom spanking will be enforced. The younger cousins are good girls, but minor infractions will find them in compromising positions, over the lap of Alicia Panettiere - kicking and squealing while the punishment is issued. One thing that sets this video apart is that it in exceptionally thorough, a mouth soaping and a slipper spanking accompany lots of hard hand and hairbrush thrashings when strict cousin has her way with the humiliated young ladies. The video has a running time of 100 minutes.

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